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We did it!

It was an extraordinary year full of challenges, change and new opportunities for growth, yet we navigated our way through it all as we always do: with pride and a renewed sense of community. Despite the changing landscape with COVID-19, we were able to come together, both virtually and in-person, to host a variety of enriching programs and activities. 


Congratulations and Thank You...

To our 5th graders on your promotion to Middle School! We will miss seeing your smiling faces and we wish you all the best as you embark on this new adventure.


To our newly elected PTO Board members! We thank you for taking on the very important task of planning for the upcoming school year. We're excited to see what great things you have in store for us. 


To our outgoing PTO members and volunteers, who did a tremendous job planning and executing a phenomenal year! We appreciate all your efforts these last 10+ months -- our school year simply would not have been the same with you.


To our wonderful 4th Grade teacher, Mrs. Vanderhorst and our beloved librarian, Mrs. Simons, for their many years of service. Congratulations and best wishes to you both as you begin your retirement!  


To our amazing Sunset teachers, staff and administration, who have worked tirelessly to help facilitate our programs and events, like Holiday Shop, Gala and Field Day -- all while doing their "day job" of educating our children. A very special shout-out to Principal Fletcher and our teacher liaisons, Mrs. Crittenden and Mrs. Costello. Your partnership has been invaluable in bringing our Sunset Community back together again.


Above all, to you our amazing students and families! We love our Sunset Community and we appreciate all you've contributed to make this such a wonderful school year. Have a great summer!



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