Sunset School PTO Board 2023-2024

Our PTO is led by a board of officers and committee chairpersons who have been elected to their positions in the prior academic year. The PTO Board meets monthly with our school principal and two faculty liaisons to facilitate programs and initiatives determined in the summer, as well as to review progress toward our fundraising goals.



Executive Officers 


President: Christine White
Vice President: Melanie Palma
Treasurer: Janice Newton
Secretary: Hayley Alverson
Auditor: Melanie Palma
Ways and Means: Jen Mar and Heather Cass
Membership and Hospitality:
  • Kelly Bair
  • Karen Tighe
  • Vanessa Hartwick
  • Noelle Pallari
  • Katie Moxley
  • Kimberly Brahmst
  • Ashley Harnett
  • Shella Orson
Gala Chair: Erica Badger
  • Facebook: Stacey Janssen
  • Windows: Shannon Rocha
  • Marquee: Jeanine Henderson
Webmaster: Amie Hauselt
Newsletter: Renee Gibson


Administration & Faculty advisers



Tom Fletcher

Teacher Liaison

Dianna Costello

Teacher Liaison

Dyann Crittenden




Interested in volunteering for a position? Contact Christine White, President at


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